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How to revise your writing

There comes a point in your revision process (and it will happen more than once), when you think, “If I have to read this sentence one more time, I am going to die.” This proclamation may also sometimes be associated with nausea, blurring of vision and a sudden desire to fill your body with toxins.…

Self care

Loggia, Ascoli Piceno, Italy, May 2014

If you can effectively tune out the online commentary, magazine chatter and well-intentioned, but oftentimes stilted advice of people around you. If you can devote yourself to small acts of kindness every day, like drinking good iced coffee, buying new earrings and going on long walks in the cool evenings. If you can spend a lot of time with those people who know…

Important things first

I was upstairs celebrating a neighbour’s birthday this past weekend and we got to talking about making art. She’s an art historian who “gave up drawing long ago” and I subsequently mentioned by own struggles with balancing work and creative writing. Her advice was simple, but effective: “Important things first.” Her idea being, why take…


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