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Mourning the loss of subtlety

I was recently enjoying a cup of chai with the delectable Asma of Curry Go and we got to talking about a phenomenon that happens every spring in Montreal. That is, the minute the temperature rises, the city breaks out with barely contained breasts, half-released bums and long white thighs. We discussed the possibility of…

Mothers and daughters

Once, when I was about 8 years old, my mother asked me to make my brother’s bed. When I asked her why, quietly wondering whether he had broken an arm that morning and I just hadn’t noticed, she replied, “Because it’s a girl’s responsibility to make the beds.” It took a few moments before I…

On turning 40

The questions and comments started a few months ago. From What have you planned? and Have you started going to bed at 10pm yet?, to It’s all downhill from here! and Better not eat that, you’ll never lose the weight now! And the closer it gets to my birthday – which is in March – the more the exclamation marks continue to…

A few words about December 6

I awoke this morning, as usual, to CBC Daybreak. I lay in bed for a half hour, patiently listening to items about the three children murdered in Drummondville, ex-PQ leader André Boisclair refusing a fat-cat position, the possibility of French-language testing in CEGEP, etc. 30 minutes and nothing about the massacre that happened at École Polytechnique de…


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