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A theory of love

I’m not sure which tense to use here. I want to write, “I used to be a very anxious person,” but I feel that’s akin to an alcoholic saying, “I used to be an alcoholic.” Anxiety, like alcoholism, is a lifelong problem that you learn to manage, steering between successes and failure with as much grace…

Self care

Loggia, Ascoli Piceno, Italy, May 2014

If you can effectively tune out the online commentary, magazine chatter and well-intentioned, but oftentimes stilted advice of people around you. If you can devote yourself to small acts of kindness every day, like drinking good iced coffee, buying new earrings and going on long walks in the cool evenings. If you can spend a lot of time with those people who know…

About Berlin

Wall, Mauerpark, Berkin, Germany

Some cities shut you out from the moment you exit the airport. Stone-grey facades and shuttered windows, dusty parks and endless rows of peeling posters keeping you at a safe distance. But not Berlin. This city wants you to love it and you crumble, with no regret. Berlin bowed to meet us as soon as…

Mothers and daughters

Once, when I was about 8 years old, my mother asked me to make my brother’s bed. When I asked her why, quietly wondering whether he had broken an arm that morning and I just hadn’t noticed, she replied, “Because it’s a girl’s responsibility to make the beds.” It took a few moments before I…


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