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Who do you really need?

Diving into the Aegean, September 2015After the Dutch Reset, the Greek Redirect.

In Holland, weather was a strategy. Carefully scanning the window and the weather apps every morning to determine how many layers to wear, if it was best to wear leather boots or Converse. But in Greece, weather is a commanding military campaign that weakens your senses/defenses with warmth, light and the sound of the waves, consolidating its influence day after day until you no longer know where your body ends and the world around you begins. And you surrender, joyfully.

My body has been pulled into the elements. My arms not an obstacle that the wind pushes against, but vectors that have been threaded into its stream. My legs not a mass breaking the turquoise flow of the Aegean, but currents that give muscle to the waves. In my eight days on the idyllic island of Paros, my skin has become as salty as the sea, my clothes as dusty as the dirt roads and the tips of my hair as golden as the sun.

I came to Greece with the intention of preparing myself to write every day. Combining daily yoga, with the healing properties of ocean swimming and fresh, healthful food to create the optimal environment in my body for the flow of creativity. Through the process of immersing myself in the Greece experience, I have also been able (unintentionally) to reorient what I need in order to live a happier and more productive life, as well as the kind of person I want to share that life with, romantically or otherwise.

Who are the people I really need?

I need people who are kind.

The only divinity I believe in is kindness. Anyone can be nice – it’s easy tosmile when you don’t really mean it – but it takes intention to be kind. I want to be surrounded by people who are kind to themselves and others, people who are open to receiving the kindness of others and who will not stand for it when someone else is unkind.

I need people who can give and take.Turquoise grotto, Aegean Sea, Greece, September 2015

That is, people who can express themselves, but who listen. Who can ask and answer questions. Who can take compliments and give them. Who are thankful to have me in their lives and who can accept how grateful I am to have them in mine.

I need people who don’t try to convince me of who they are – they just are and we just be.

No matter what you try to tell others about who you are, your actions and your words will give away the truth. I want to be surrounded by people who don’t waste time spent together telling who they are, but rather, who share their words, thoughts and actions so that we can feel who they are. So that they are open to feeling who we are.

I need people with whom I can say nothing at all.

Enough said.

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