Wouldn't stop picking at it

A theory of love

I’m not sure which tense to use here. I want to write, “I used to be a very anxious person,” but I feel that’s akin to an alcoholic saying, “I used to be an alcoholic.” Anxiety, like alcoholism, is a lifelong problem that you learn to manage, steering between successes and failure with as much grace…

How to revise your writing

There comes a point in your revision process (and it will happen more than once), when you think, “If I have to read this sentence one more time, I am going to die.” This proclamation may also sometimes be associated with nausea, blurring of vision and a sudden desire to fill your body with toxins.…

To hell with the pursuit of happiness

According to my Pocket feed, I bookmark too many articles about creativity, productivity and happiness. The first two make sense, because I’m always looking for new exercises for my creative writing workshops, but I just deleted all the happiness articles. The pursuit of happiness is making a lot of people miserable. Surveys tell us where the happiest people live,…


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